Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It doesn't matter who I wrote it for, and only the person who should know what all is actually contained in it may never even get the original, uncensored letter. It was more a study in not reading everything that's there. Or rather, not wanting to see what is there, right under your nose. So often people look and think they know what that person is like, through their work, through photos, and what drivvel is posted on facebook or twitter. If you were really willing to listen, or look deeply, you'd see you're missing some vital part of the person sitting just across from you.


  1. Oh, I agree! People call me a "pollyanna" but I really believe that people have such an innate worth and it is fun discovering it.

  2. I'm glad at least someone is willing to comment on it. I'd like to get some serious feedback on this. I wasn't sure if doing this would make people too uncomfortable or they just found the piece ridiculous. But honestly, it SHOULD make you a little uncomfortable. Especially if you think you may be getting mixed messages from people.