Thursday, January 7, 2010

Noob, You Must Die!

Noobs, please don't think you know more than people who have been around for years. Don't make me want to kill you... for my knife is big, and you are small. I could make sushi out of you, but who would want to eat it? You'd just dirty my big fuckin' knife.

God, I hate noobs.


  1. Jaden, I ain't your mother but to me there are two ways to look at n00bs. We were all new at something at one time and were people kind to us and help us learn or were they scornful and trying to drive us away? I have been lucky and found mostly the first kind. I can understand a measure of frustration with inexperience and your picture is kinda funny.

  2. Ressa, I attempt to be helpful to start out with (in fact, I typically give new people the benefit of the doubt). It's the new people that are thick-headed and refuse to accept those before them may actually know what their talking about that bother me and go from newb to n00b.

  3. That's what I thought. That you were usually helpful. Thanks for the insight. *whispers* I sometimes feel that way about certain clients.

  4. we were all new once. we were not all stupid once.

    Blahblah I read war and peace in the womb blah