Saturday, January 16, 2010

Foils and a Haircut... A Bit More Than 2 Bits

I showed up late.I thought the place was closed, and yet the sign said 'OPEN'. Apprehensively, I considered not checking the door before turning tail and not going through with it. The owner took a look at the photos I presented her and had me wait while she finished up what was going to be her last customer of the day. 2 hrs later, I came out with a new haircut. 7 inches cut off initially and then another 3 in trim after she started shaping the hairstyle. I wanted it a little longer, but in order to get rid of the dead ends and such, she had to start off shorter. It's deceiving in the photo, but it is still past my shoulders and about 3 inches down my back. It'll be a cut in progress. I need to let it grow again, with trimming to get it just like I want it.


  1. Yep. Long layers. And she highlighted my hair... something I've never done before. I felt like I was attempting to protect myself from the alien invasion.